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Mentorship and Supervision is something that is new to the Dietitian field. This is an amazing
opportunity to work with someone that has worked within Dietetics field for many years and
can help shift/shape your career.

The purpose of supervision is to protect clients, support practitioners and ensures that
professional standards and quality services are delivered by competent Registered Dietitians. I
want to ensure that you are feeling like you are giving quality service to ensure that clients are
getting the tools they need to improve their quality of life.
What my supervision can offer:

-support for you on difficult cases or any interpersonal dynamics that are brought up
-accountability on following up with clients and certain cases
-education about different dietitian techniques and strategies that could be used

I have had many years of experience working within the Mental Health field. The experience
that I have acquired would allow me to provide you with the most effective information to help
guide you in your work with your client. With my mentoring services, you should have the
confidence necessary to help clients struggling with body image, Mental Health, Eating
Disorders, Disordered Eating, client connection and some general Medical Nutrition Therapy.
Also, I have worked with other Health Care Professionals to guide them into understanding
more about Mental Health and Nutrition related concerns. Scheduling a supervision with me
will help you to better understand if I could be a good fit to help you in your professional
journey. Please click this link here to schedule.

Laura’s Personal Experience With Supervision

I noticed that my career had excelled when I got two different supervisors. I felt more grounded
and supported in my work. Though I am a Registered Dietitian, this mentorship program can be
accessed by any practitioners interested in learning more about Eating Disorders, Health at
Every Sizetm, Intuitive Eating and mindful movement, in trying to help their clients rebuild their
relationship with themselves. A mentor is someone that has been in the field for many years
and continues to work on furthering their education to help you feel like you are practicing with
the most up to date information. A mentor can also allow for you to feel comfortable and
secure to ask questions or trying to understand where to go within certain cases.

Today, mentorship can come in a few different avenues. It can come in a group or individually.
If you wanted to work specifically with me, please click the link to sign up for either a group or
an individual session.

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